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Pricing yourself and services

When you offer any kind of professional service, you have to know how much to charge. Be prepared, look around. Do an online search for similar services and check out prices.

Do not go over your local Market, but do not under charge either. It is really strange, but when you charge much less than the Market, people tend to think that your services are not worth much. The buyer’s psychology is very important when you try to land a new client.

Also do not apologize for what you charge. 90% of prospective clients will say that they can’t afford you, trying to make you lower your fee. Don’t fall for this trap. Stand your ground by being very polite and by explaining in detail what your services will entail on your part, how much time it will involve and why you are an expert in your field.

It is really ok not to land a client sometimes. On the other hand, if you bend over backwards to get the client, you will seem desperate.

So this is a very tiny rope you are walking on. I am sure that you try to land clients via all the social media platforms out there, and many times there is not the response that you expect. Keep in mind that the internet and social media platforms are inundated with information and millions of businesses just like you trying to do the same thing.

Try to keep your perspective local. Once you establish yourself in your local market, then you can venture further.

Never overdo it with constant posts, constant updates to your pages. People now know how to either unlike your page, stop following your tweets, and simply blocking your information from being uploaded on their news feed on Facebook.

There is a silver line. Be present without annoying people, respect who you are and what you do, make sure that your posts are up to date and always relevant to what you have to offer. Do not post personal jokes, or pictures on any of your professional pages. Respect your clientele so that they respect you.

Internet Presence of Businesses and Individuals

My line of business is very demanding and interesting. I see and hear a lot. What strikes me as strange, is how easily people who have no idea about how the world-wide web functions, decide to remove their presence from it.
Social Media, personal or business official websites, are an absolute must these days, especially if one tries to establish themselves as a public figure, business, artists, etc. The web is your business card, your portfolio, your proof of serious existence.
Other companies, your peers, business opportunities, knock on your virtual door, if you have a complete, and cohesive presence. Most people think that paying for a website is not worth their time and money, and that it serves them very little. What they don’t understand is, that without an official online presence, you do not receive the dues that you are worth either as a business entity, an artist, a professional.

Publicity, success, interaction, and branding are going hand-in-hand to help you establish who you are and what you do. The days of “leafing” through the phone book, listening to the radio to hear about someone for the first time, and simple existing out there are over.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels are great aids, BUT your website is your business card. It is your stamp of authenticity, your complete resume, your entrepreneurial id card.

Do not take advice from people who are not in the business of marketing, branding and publicity. If you want success, you have to follow today’s rules. You have to give in order to receive. You can’t sit back and wait for Facebook to create your brand. Social Media is there to enhance your brand, not create it. Expensive as it may be, it is well worth the benefits, exposure to the entire world, and validity of your brand.

If you have any questions, or comments, contact me and I will help you understand the basics of this entire new world.

Social Media Marketing

Every company, every business person today needs a “quick” and fast web presence. Most of the old type websites are beginning to struggle to keep their monthly visitors. Facebook, Twitter, Blog and YouTube integration is critical.

It is a must to be present in order for you to spread your message and find the much-needed customers.
Beware though! There are tons of new companies emerging, who promise you millions of dollars, new connections and new clients with the click of a mouse. Be careful of such scams, protect your message, your business plan, and your business integrity no matter which sector of business you’re in. There is definitely work to be done for anyone who wants to succeed. There is no such thing like one strategy fits all.

You need to know your message, know what you want from going viral. If you’re an artist for example, you need to have a concrete message, protect your image and be careful what you share and who manages all that for you.

If you’re a business that sells services, you also have to be careful, protect your brand, your services and make sure that your message is clear, honest and all your promises are ironclad.

I have helped numerous clients succeed online, and keep in mind that a blog, a Facebook page, a twitter account and a YouTube channel are all there for you for free. Don’t fall in the trap of what people tell you about thousands of dollars needed to kick-start your viral existence.

Give me a call and I will be happy to coach you and show you how it is all done.


About confusion…

Everyone nowadays posts either on Twitter or Facebook that they like positive vibes, how leading a great life filled with positive energy will bring success and happiness. I encounter people daily who say that they are all about this new era of what “The Secret” and other inspiring book have taught us.

 But when it comes to walking the walk, they come back astonished that things do not go their way that they are tired of the negative, they don’t want failure, they don’t want more of the same.
It took me 6 whole months to re-train my brain and my thoughts. It is very easy to say these things, to quote books and to like the whole idea, but it is not the same to actually focus and make things happen to you. This is what I call confusion. There is no magic potion that will solve anyone’s problems or make anyone’s dreams reality. You have to work for it.
Train your thoughts to “speak a new language”. Forget words like “I don’t want”, “I don’t like”, “I hate this”, in other words, forget any sentence that starts with a negative.
Instead try re-learning a brain grammar that always starts with: “I want”, “I like”, “I love”.
This is the first step. In the beginning it will seem like an enormous task, but as time goes on, it will come automatic. Remember that “What you think about, you bring about” and that the universe does not speak in human grammar terms. If you keep saying “I don’t want to be broke”, guess what? You’ll be broke because you focus on that sentiment.

I speak from my own experience.  As soon as I truthfully let everything go, as soon as I completely relaxed my thoughts, things started happening so fast that at first I thought that it was a fluke. No, it was no fluke. It was actually happening. Thoughts like “struggle”, “can barely make it”, “I am tired”, “I don’t know what I want”, “I don’t know how to solve this or the other problem” were left behind and now, I cringe simply writing them.
I started thinking: “easy”, “have plenty of what I want”, “I have abundance all around me”.
I wake up every day thanking the universe for everything that I have, and everything that I am.  I walk smiling, I say hello to people that cross my path and I see their reactions. They pause for a second and then they actually smile and return the greeting.

My business is flourishing, I feel healthy, happy and fulfilled.
A trick I personally used was a mental list of wants and needs.  You will be amazed at how small the list of needs is when you are honest and truthful.  Another thing is giving back to your community, to your friends, to your significant other. This thought frightens a lot of people when they come from a needy point of view. You don’t have to give money; you can simply help a friend, make a meal for someone you care about, call friends and family, and send a nice thank you note. Little things go a long way.

If it is your business that you are struggling with, sit back, relax and see yourself as successful. Don’t laugh! It really works. See obstacles like life’s traffic lights. The universe always guides us if we are willing to give it an honest try and listen.

So, open your hearts and minds, do not criticize others, absorb what is going on around you and be thankful. Be really thankful every single day. Live in the moment and make it count!

Social Media, Social Technology

I want to share with all of you my latest thrill. I was invited by Tony Robbins to attend a webinar “Business Mastery and Social Technology“, which took place yesterday. The speaker, Scott Klososky, was so informative and I was really impressed by the plethora of information and new ideas that were shared.
First thing that caught my eye, was a quote from Sir Peter Blake: “New technology is common, new thinking is rare”.

I will share some stuff that I learned, and I am sure that you will see the “light” and understand how important it is to think outside the box and follow the mainstream.

1. A lot of huge companies get now the highest percentage of their referrals through social networks.
2. Digital Marketing and mobile technology are rally hot.
3. Create your organizational voice (your company’s id) socially.
4. Blogs tend to work better than newsletters and it is critical that you find your niche, create your voice and keep up weekly.
5. ORM (online reputation management) will be huge in the near future. Manage your online presence and reputation well.
6. Check out and learn about free software that you can use, like crowd sourcing websites.
7. Mobile apps. are really critical. You have to create a mobile version of your website, so that it is viewable from any smart or cell phone. A lot of people are now surfing the web through their cell phones. Flash sites do not work on mobile phones.
8. Improve your business processes. Become a leader with a 5 to 10 years view. Look far into the future to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

Thank you Scott Klososky and Tony Robbins.