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A New Business with a lot of potential

It is not often that I write about a specific company. I am talking today about GROW FRAGRANCE

A great team of people who finally created something that every household can use. And everything is made in the USA!!!

Safe, free of chemicals and they went the extra mile to donate some of their proceeds for the Planet. This pledge helps protect land, forests, rivers, oceans, and also encourages sustainable production methods.

Their Customer Support is stellar!

Although they are a new company and are facing all the struggles of a new brand and product, they are so open minded, kind and cooperative.

Go give their products a try! You will not regret it. And the fragrances are to die for!

Kudos to your entire team! You will grow and go far!

How Companies choose a candidate, how a professional can “read” a resume and make conclusions.

I have been asked a lot lately about jobs. It is unfathomable that nearly 10% of Americans have either recently lost their job, or are looking for one.
There is a lot to be said about Staffing Companies and executives within a hiring company.
As it is a skill to know how to write a resume that makes sense, is to the point and pretty much states all the positions and jobs one has had throughout his/her professional life, it is also a skill to know how to actually truly read a resume or an application that lands on your desk.

“Professionals” whose job it is to hire, must absolutely be: Unbiased, un-threatened, 100% honest, understand a resume for what it is trying to tell you, and give a person a chance at least by granting them an interview.

I speak and teach a lot, but I also see a lot.

Some companies that try to fill a position, then have someone call them and actually recommend someone who most probably does not communicate to the person who reads through the applications, then the HR person sifts through, sends an email that this person’s resume doesn’t match so the interview never even happens. The result?? The very same Company is still looking to fill the same position.

This happens all the time because the people responsible to hire are not savvy enough, do not have the capacity to read between the lines, do not have the honesty to hire someone who might even be stronger and better out of fear to lose their own work. So where have we come?? Why are we even here with a struggling economy, and really strong and skilled people out of work?

I don’t blame the economy, because I read the paper, as well as the classifieds online every day to help my clients. Jobs are out there. The hiring person is not doing a good job. In fact these people are doing a disservice to their own companies by making good resumes disappear. If someone is “over qualified” why don’t you have them come in and talk to them. An over qualified person is not always a bad addition to a company.

Be honest, be open, be giving, be a true team and community player.
Don’t be presumptuous, Don’t be dishonest, Don’t act out of personal feelings of threat or fear.

If we were all really good to our core, the economy wouldn’t be in shambles, companies would still be thriving, and HR people would not be sitting on ill deserved thrones surrounded by fake poise, knowledge of every aspect of every department of the company they work for and also pretend to know psychology….. You are not Gods, you are also employees who are obliged to do your Companies a great favor by hiring people who are honest, hard-working, and willing to pretty much do any work to survive today.

You HR people, wake up !!! You have been given the role to put Americans back to work. Act like it and stop playing God.



Who are you? How do you define your life?

Are you happy? Are you living your life to the fullest? We all watch shows, listen to others and their comments, advice, opinions…
But how do we process all this? What do we actually learn? How open are we to seeing our true potential, how open are we to something new?
We all nod and agree while discovering a new idea, listening to something profound!
I was mesmerized by something very simple yet very honest and true Dr. Maya Angelou said: “When you receive, give. When you learn, teach!”
Life is giving us lessons on a daily basis. Do we really hear? Are we really in tune with what is happening around us? Do we care what happens in our family, our neighborhood, our town, in the world? Do we give all that even a second thought?
Think about it for a moment. Bickering, vitriol, gossip and the list goes on and on and on….
WHY? Why can’t we co-exist as humans and really be happy for someone’s success? Why don’t we turn our words into actions? Why do we get caught up in words and not react?
Even our politicians do that all the time. They disagree with their opponents, but instead of offering another idea or solution, they simply fill our TV sets and radios with negative comments. Nothing gets solved with negativity.
Deceit, the race to make more money, the easiness with which we scam other people in order to succeed… boggles my mind. Is this why we came to this world? Is this how we truly want to live?

Let us all take a step back and realize that our lives are not to be taken for granted. Tragedies happen daily and then we pause for a moment, agree that we should be better, a few days pass and on we go having forgotten everything, just because it didn’t happen to us, to our own family or friends.

Shouldn’t we be in tune with our surroundings? Shouldn’t we take our cues from people who are really trying to make a positive difference in this world?

Time passes with lightning speed. Let us all make a promise to ourselves that we will at least make that phone call, forgive ourselves for past mistakes, forgive others who have wronged us and become better people. We all can do this, for the good of our own lives!

Brand New Year, New Hopes, New Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

These days every year are filled with new questions, new goals, and new aspirations. How far can we go with all that? We are living through some tough times and most of us get side tracked by daily life.
Why not try to make a fresh start by re-visiting our past mistakes, re-organizing our schedules and plans?
I receive many emails from people who ask me: “How do I start my own company?” “What do I do?”
There are a few simple but critical steps in achieving everything you want.
First and foremost, decide on what it is that you do best, what it is that can make you money, whether it is a service you will provide or a product you can make and sell.

You will most probably want to start in your own home. So, the first step is to find a space that will serve as your “office”. Make sure to find a space that will be permanent. Once you are ready, sit and think if you need a website, which would be a good idea to start with.
Then, (and this is important) block out a couple of hours per day for you and work on your project until you are ready to launch.
A lot of my clients make the mistake of running a business without any format, without any schedule and they expect success. If you do not imply yourself 100%, you will not succeed. You cannot expect “hired help” to represent your company, to do your sales pitches for you and to carry the burden of responsibility that you should carry yourself.

If you do hire someone to help you out, then make sure that you are present when this person comes to help. You cannot tell people that they should do the work and you should not be involved because you have no time. If you don’t have the time to invest seriously in any project, you are better off not starting the procedure at all.

If you are totally committed to succeed, you will definitely do so and in very short time.

Get organized, write your ideas down and start.

I will post my next blog with more details.

Keep up the dreams, your goals and your hard work. Only good can come from that.

Rethinking Success

It has been quite some time now that a lot of people keep asking me what success is and how I define it. I believe that success is very personal and each of us should measure it according to our specific goals. We have learned that we have to strive for success and that doing otherwise makes us failures in life. How wrong is that! We need to love ourselves, respect ourselves and live life to its fullest.

We are brought up feeling that we always need more in order to be fulfilled and happy.

So, I put a question out there and I would love to see what you all have to say:

Do we work to live a better life, or do we live to work?

Let me know. I will write more on this

Have a great day!