The Future of Work Could Be At Home

 Blair Decembrele
October 7, 2019

Working from home has been on the radar of professionals for years. It used to be reserved for the occasional furniture delivery or an in-a-pinch necessity; but now, as technology has improved and professionals seek more flexibility, major organizations are incorporating remote work policies across the board. In fact, with almost half of U.S. professionals working from home on occasion, it’s so common these days that there’s actually a national holiday week celebrating remote work — and it kicks off today!

So, why is the workforce getting behind this trend? For professionals, the benefits of remote work may seem obvious — like saving time and money by not commuting, increased productivity, and more time to spend with family. What you may not realize is that remote work has benefits for employers as well — it saves money, helps attract and retain top talent, boosts employee morale and productivity, and improves overall company culture.

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