The Task of Updating




Being a small business owner and a consultant takes work. A lot of work.

You need persistence, patience, focus, knowledge of your field and of course a good amount of followers and clients. I am grateful for all my followers and readers. I see my website as a way to introduce my knowledge and my work to the world. It’s like an always evolving resume, business card and reminder that I am here.

If a prospective client comes to my website or blog and sees posts dated in 2012, why would they want to hire me?

Same goes for anyone visiting my social pages, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Everything you do, has to always be updated. This is how you get followers. This is the first risk of any business’s evolution. We create a web presence and believe that we are done.

An example: If I claim on my site that I do marketing and my online presence is outdated, my links go nowhere and my social followers are 13 people, why would anyone hire me?

We can talk the talk, but we must walk the walk as well. If what we claim shows a different picture online, then any prospective customers will automatically think that all we will do for them is what we have done for our own online presence. Not good. Right?

So make it a priority to update your content and publish relevant content at least twice a week. Get involved. Like other people’s posts. Comment, help, add your thoughts.

This is how you will succeed. A lot of people see my site and tell me we have no fraud or risk. Risk comes in many ways and one of the risks is exactly what I just wrote about. Fraud is also imperative to learn, so that when you sell anything with an online transaction can be safe, secure and make your client or buyer feel good and secure.

So do your business and online presence a huge favor and update, update, update.



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