The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship

Hi everyone! Have been traveling a lot this summer and have been observing a lot of stuffThe uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship.

There is a frenzy for blogging, for success, for more, more, more and more. S T O P!

Start thinking and calm down. When will OK be good enough? I do not make money from my blog on purpose. I just write my thoughts, my experiences and see it as what it really is. A hobby. Not EVERYONE has to be an entrepreneur, not everyone has to have a blog.The most common mistakes out there are that people try so hard to find their niche or what to write about, that they end up looking at the tree and not the entire forest. The other HUGE mistake is, that “wanna be” bloggers and authorities on a subject, search the internet, find an article, and re-write it because the topic is hot, or the latest frenzy, without realizing that what they write maybe a hoax, a big mistake or even simply and plainly untrue.

I see it over and over again and want to scream. Everybody has become an authority today. Be very very careful when giving advice people! Plagiarism, false claims, copyright and ownership issues… and the list goes on.

If I wanted to become a millionaire from my blog, I would sit for a year, study like crazy, become a legitimate authority on a subject, and then pursue writing. It’s OK to work for a company, it’s OK not to run your own business. You are not a failure if you are not a business owner. What society dictates is not necessarily the right thing for everyone.

The uphill marathon toward entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Be happy for who you are, be happy for what you CAN do in this life. If everyone on the planet was a business owner, then who would be employable? What other professions would exist? Think people, think!
And a last piece of advice, which I shared with a friend and he thanked me for “waking” him up. IF you are struggling financially while you are embarking on realizing your dream, WORK! Have a solid income come in your pocket monthly, while you work toward your goals. Take some pride in what you do. Hard work is commendable, and nothing to be ashamed of.

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