The wrong way to keep your employees

benefits the wrong way to keep your employeesToday I want to talk about how many mistakes CEO’s and Presidents make in companies.

Not all companies are created equal. There are companies that MUST have all employees present at their brick and mortar establishments. Banks, Doctors, Grocery stores, boutiques, lawyers, and the list goes on.

BUT, companies that are in the technology, software and internet service branch, MUST absolutely re-think the way they conduct business.
Huge office spaces that have 5 to 10 people in the same room, where each person works at a different department and task, makes it unbearable for the employee and affects their concentration, and their comfort in the work environment.

Another HUGE factor, are overhead costs for such a company, from rent, to electricity, to parking fees, furniture, computer hardware, office supplies, insurance, etc. This also includes employees. Gas, commuting, traffic, environmental impact, schedule conflicts with their children and spouses, extra stress. So YES! Embrace telecommuting!

Management has to realize sooner rather than later, that times are changing, that it is imperative to trust your team, respect the value they add to your company, and keep them happy, otherwise you will end up with the short end of the stick and will have a very hard time finding top professionals.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t cram people in a space and expect them to do important work uninterrupted, calm and avoid making mistakes.

Another big mistake is that a lot of CEO’s, are rude, do not spend the time to actually learn every detail about every position in their companies, and are dismissive. They take their employees for granted, they don’t really care about their well being in their company, they do not give raises where and when they are due and expect their employees to be top notch day in and day out.

Wake up to the new era of work! Don’t show up to your company at noon, visibly hung over, and then reprimand your employees who have been there hours before you decided to show up, because they leave earlier than you like.

You cannot demand respect, you have to earn it to be a good leader. Listen to your employees. After all they were hired for their expertise. Open your ears, your mind and instead of a dictator, be a part of the team, move forward and lead by example.

It doesn’t matter at all what University you went to, who you think you are, or how old you are. What matters is how you come across, how polite and truthfully respectful you are, and how far you will actually go to keep your employees happy.

THIS will make you a great leader and your company flourish. Never forget that your employees have your back daily, and strive to do their best under not great circumstances most of the time.

SO, business owners, CEO’s, managers and leaders, adhere to the aforementioned, and all you will end up with will be continuous success.



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