Utopian Company or Not?


Got the idea to write, because of this article:
Especially paragraph 4:

#4: Build relationships at all levels

One of the most important, and most difficult, parts of being new is forging new relationships. And don’t only focus on your immediate reports. Meet people in all departments and at all levels of the organization. Just sitting down with someone and asking, “What should I know?” or “How would you make this company better?” can yield a treasure trove of information and insights. Find out who the key conduits of information are and develop an open channel for them to reach you directly. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut. Relationships take time to build. Stay present and connected to the conversation. Don’t be afraid to keep going even if it feels like you know everything you need to. Get to know your people and how they tick.

Many new executives fail here because they become too wrapped up in making an impression. They meet with people, but instead of listening they try to convince everyone they deserve the job. They go on about their background, previous successes, and the great plans they have for the future. Don’t fall into this trap. Stay humble and curious. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them proportionately.

The Utopian Corporation:

  1. Upper Management introduces themselves to everyone in the organization, spend time to see what everyone does and how it affects the company.
  2. Listen to everyone, no matter how high or low the position. Everyone’s work has an impact in the overall picture.
  3. Make your staff feel welcome, appreciated and say a good word from time to time. It goes a long way.
  4. You don’t hire before you give existing employees the courtesy of actually reading their resumes, and talking to them.
  5. You don’t let people go because you over-hired and it doesn’t fit your current plans…
    Families livelihoods depend on the job and the salary….
  6. Sit and share lunch with everyone, say a few good words, share wishes for Christmases, Holidays, New Year etc…
  7. As the article above says: Get to know your people and how they tick.
  8.  A good, solid, positive working environment, transparency, loyalty and solid character are never outdated.

There are great companies out there that encompass all the above and more.
My wish for 2018 and the workforce is, that everyone finds themselves in such an organization!



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