Wannabe entrepreneurs and authorities

Today, I opened Twitter to read the latest. To my dismay I find some people who found some webinar on how to make some quick money, and started tweeting 40 times a day, simply posting pictures with links to an obvious Clickbank account.

People wake up! You can’t possibly teach what you don’t know. If you want to become a true authority on a subject, do yourself a huge favor and study. Nothing in life comes easy. If this were the case, then everyone would be a billionaire and “share” their secrets.

Your posts and blogs aren’t even written properly. If you want a piece of this pie and really yearn to become an entrepreneur and authority on a subject, then do it in a respectful way, earn the trust ans respect of your peers through patience, perseverance, continuous learning and for crying out loud hire an editor. If you cant even use proper English, then do us and yourself a favor and go back to school.

How on earth do you expect to succeed when average is good enough for you?

I will give a few examples:

1. Share to spread words. WHAT?

2. I can give you many informations. IN WHICH SCHOOL did you learn this?

If you can’t even write properly to convey your message and sell your services or product, don’t you think that a prospective client will think twice before hiring you?

So wannabe entrepreneurs buckle down and educate yourselves.

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