What if you are underpaid for what you offer…..

A very common sentiment these days. I have spoken to a lot of people and most of them say, NO I would never ask for a raise, for I might lose my job.

I have this to say: If the people who have hired you disrespect your job performance so much, then if they let you go simply because you have asked for a raise, they don’t deserve you. Every solid company should reconsider your salary once a year.  Part of the discussion when you are hired should be future raises and the maximum that you can eventually get to.
You shouldn’t simply ask for a raise if you have agreed to a specific annual salary, or if you have just been hired.

BUT, if more than a year has gone by and nobody has asked you to sit down, evaluate your performance and current earnings, then the company’s structure is lacking in respecting their team members. Never forget that if you perform well, if you always strive for excellence and do your job without mistakes and in a timely fashion, your company needs you as much as you need the income.
Respect who you are and what you offer and be bold enough to start the conversation. Don’t be pushy. Talk about it and let it go. If you see that 6 months go by without any results, then approach the subject again, but never be rude or threaten the company that if you don’t get your raise you will leave. Blackmail never works to your favor and you will lose the respect you have earned in your work environment.

Company owners, please make sure that your good employees are happy. These are hard times, people depend on their jobs, but are also looking to further their careers and lives. As your expenses grow, so do the living expenses of every single employee, no matter where you live.

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