When comments are welcome and when not…

when comments are welcome and when not...Don’t you feel compelled to just voice your opinion or comment on something at work or in your day-to-day life?
There is a welcome way to do this but also there is a way that will simply irk others and might put you in an awkward position.
There are people who think they are pragmatists, who think that adding a comment to any situation, “helps” the other person. This is not true at all. Let’s see some examples:

You go to a restaurant opening, you congratulate the new owners and immediately add, “I hope you know that this area has no business at all during the summer months. You must have some guts to open a business here”. You hear about a new website that just launched. You check it out, then email the website owner: Good job but I don;t think that you will get a lot of traffic, as there is a ton of competition online.

You are at work, and you have an idea that you think is great. You go to your boss and say: We should do this or that. The way you do things are not helping your company…

When I hear people blurt out things like that, I cringe. First rule is to think before you speak. Just congratulate someone and leave it at that. If they want your help or opinion, believe me they’ll ask.
When you want to see changes at your workplace, be positive. You can always share a new idea, or comment on something by asking if you may do so, and then proceed by saying, I have noticed that you were having trouble in this area. I came up with an idea that might be of some value. Would you like to hear it? Some will say yes, and welcome suggestions by their employees but some will say no, we got this. Don’t feel let down if you hear no. Respecting other people’s way of thinking and accepting them for who and what they are, will get you far in life and career.

Don’t be a Miss or Mister know it all. People will start avoiding you and your comments and this will end up shutting you out of even social gatherings and environments. You don;t want to be thought of as: Oh here he/she comes again… what will we hear today?

– Share your knowledge in a gentle, positive and kind way. ALWAYS have words of encouragement for the other person. You do not know their circumstances, you have no idea how much work they have put in to opening a business, starting a website, or running a huge company.
– Be compassionate, don’t let your ego run your thoughts and actions.
– NEVER say this obnoxious phrase: “see? I told you so” It makes people uncomfortable.
– Have a positive attitude, always be there for others, and wait for people to ask your opinion or help.

If you stick to those guidelines, you will gain respect, you will feel better when you actually help or give advice after some has asked you to do so.



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