When you are hiring

There is a lot of talk, articles, and discussion about the hiring process.
As a business owner, you have to know by now that you are not only vetting a prospective employee or team member. You are vetted by the prospective hire as well.
If you want to find the best talent out there, you absolutely MUST have a professional presence out there.
If I go to your LinkedIn profile as an example and see no picture, I am much less inclined to learn more about you and your company.
If your Social Media pages are not updated and your last posts or articles are dated let’s say 2016, again, I will stop being interested.
How much YOU care about your business and company, says a lot to the outside world.
IF you want to be taken seriously, be serious about your presence out there.
IF you want success, be serious, be professional, exactly as you demand from your prospective employees.

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