Who are you? How do you define your life?

Are you happy? Are you living your life to the fullest? We all watch shows, listen to others and their comments, advice, opinions…
But how do we process all this? What do we actually learn? How open are we to seeing our true potential, how open are we to something new?
We all nod and agree while discovering a new idea, listening to something profound!
I was mesmerized by something very simple yet very honest and true Dr. Maya Angelou said: “When you receive, give. When you learn, teach!”
Life is giving us lessons on a daily basis. Do we really hear? Are we really in tune with what is happening around us? Do we care what happens in our family, our neighborhood, our town, in the world? Do we give all that even a second thought?
Think about it for a moment. Bickering, vitriol, gossip and the list goes on and on and on….
WHY? Why can’t we co-exist as humans and really be happy for someone’s success? Why don’t we turn our words into actions? Why do we get caught up in words and not react?
Even our politicians do that all the time. They disagree with their opponents, but instead of offering another idea or solution, they simply fill our TV sets and radios with negative comments. Nothing gets solved with negativity.
Deceit, the race to make more money, the easiness with which we scam other people in order to succeed… boggles my mind. Is this why we came to this world? Is this how we truly want to live?

Let us all take a step back and realize that our lives are not to be taken for granted. Tragedies happen daily and then we pause for a moment, agree that we should be better, a few days pass and on we go having forgotten everything, just because it didn’t happen to us, to our own family or friends.

Shouldn’t we be in tune with our surroundings? Shouldn’t we take our cues from people who are really trying to make a positive difference in this world?

Time passes with lightning speed. Let us all make a promise to ourselves that we will at least make that phone call, forgive ourselves for past mistakes, forgive others who have wronged us and become better people. We all can do this, for the good of our own lives!

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