Wishing is different than doing!

star141Most of the people I meet, are in “The Secret” frenzy, in positive thinking, in submitting to the fates.
Meditation, praying, visualizing, positive thinking, are all great and do work if you know how to use those tools. Simply sending positive thoughts out “there” and believing that some supreme being will bring it to you is wrong.
If you REALLY want to have food at your table, you have to work HARD to get it.

Determination to succeed, hard relentless work to achieve it AND visualization, positive thinking, praying, meditating will do the trick. Sitting around waiting for things to happen will not help you.

Let’s say you are flat broke and need a big break. You run from meeting to meeting, then you go to the mountain and pray, and you wait. In the mean time you are still flat broke.
Let’s look at another scenario: You get up in the morning, scour the newspaper, you go get the first job available, even if it is bagging at your local super market. Every day after work, you work for your dream. In the meantime, you send the vibe to the universe that a) you are READY to receive, and b) that you are working your butt off to do so.

Striving to be the absolute best you can EVERY single day is the only way to break through the barriers of nothingness, of emptiness.

Having no self pride and relying on friends and relatives for small financial favors, shows the universe that this is the way you want to turn your life around. In a few words, by doing nothing.

So pull yourself up, work HARD at any work, be proud of it, and at the same time pursue the career that you imagine for yourself.
Do not go to an interview when your survival depends on it with the air of a CEO, which by the way (wake up call) you are not yet. Be humble, do not rely on friends to feed you and find work for you. YOU have to get out there and get it yourself with pride, effort, and willingness to use some elbow grease in order to climb higher.


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